About Us

Our Mission

Solenoid is driven by the aim of empowering all SMEs to operate more effectively, delivering efficient solutions using technological integration of product configurater software to increase their capacity.

With SME’s making up over 99% of private sector businesses, we believe that along with the challenges of launching and running a successful small to medium business, there are huge opportunities available. To elevate the scope and capacity of each enterprise we work with, Solenoid will look to analyse where your company has potential for growth, opportunities to maximise process efficiency, and ways to enhance your day to day operations with technological solutions.

Being a specialist CPQ software vendor and developer, we can explain how our range of CPQ apps and highly functional software enables businesses to enhance the monetisation of their most cost effective assets, simplify administrative process, and afford them a highly flexible system able to improve customer experience and deliver easier ways to manage your business. 


With ever changing global trade patterns, increasing digitalisation of processes and functions, and pressures on SMEs to function more effectively within limited resources, Solenoid aims to make competitive commerce more accessible, and success more achievable, by enhancing your operations to provide maximum returns on your efforts.

With political impacts on the SME marketplace, we believe that using innovative configurator software such as bill of materials calculators and quote calculation tools gives our clients the edge in having comprehensive insights into the costs of each transaction.

Investing a little time in the seamless integration of performance-enhancing systems provides an opportunity to revolutionise the way we trade and allows our clients to guide their business objectives confidently into the future, safe in the knowledge that their systems function seamlessly, with specialist support always at hand.

Who we are

Founded by Neeraj Kumar, Solenoid was created to use our expertise to drive revenue and market opportunities for small business support and open the marketplace for smaller enterprises to be able to operate with maximum efficiency. Our aim is to provide this growth acceleration support with dynamic software and smart solutions, designed to save time, maximise sales opportunities and create automated processes to manage administrative tasks.

Bringing with him 20 plus years of experience in the IT services industry, Neeraj has built Solenoid having successfully led multiple business-critical transformation initiatives. With a portfolio of multiple complex jurisdictional projects, this expertise has been leveraged to build a range of software solutions, building on the strength of knowledge about management of excellent cross functional global relationships. The wealth of experience is at the foundation of everything we do.